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The Femme Moon
3 min readSep 8, 2022

The Pisces Full Moon will wash over our Earthly realm September 10th, shortly after Mercury begins its reflective Retrograde, finding our cups overfloweth.

September’s Harvest Moon in the dreamy sign of Pisces has healing potential. Its silver seafoam bubbles back memories of our happiest, most creative states of being, but not without a bit of bittersweet struggle. Arriving Saturday the 10th at 5:59 AM EST, coupled with Mercury’s backspin late Friday (or early Saturday, time zone depending), keystones of internal conflict will make themselves present.

Think social norms versus self-expression, career climb versus artistic practice, inner child versus “dead-inside” adulthood, and so on…

When working with Pisces, its rule of creativity and dreams can influence reconnection to our purpose on a deeper and long-standing level. This also means that energies are prime to recognize inner child wounds and the roots of our ill-founded reactions and patterns. We often bury challenge and confrontation with layers of fear, defense, anxiety, over-caution, stagnation, recklessness, apathy… before allowing ourselves space to understand our true feelings. This is especially true as we get older; the split-second force to “go with the flow” or face an emotional pit puts us in a forced position to “handle” our emotional selves with an almost strict and unforgiving quickness.

On the flipside, this combative world can create a tendency to wallow when met with unfavorable interactions and horrific news loops. Whether it be an aggressive or avoidant approach, instead of processing, we shut down and drown in the negativity. We speak poorly to ourselves or vie for attention from unhealthy sources, be it romantic, professional or communal. We see what we wish from situations, and wait, instead of honoring boundaries, only to find our wells of energy depleted. This Full Moon has the ability to attune our level of attachment to control and look at concepts around…

The Femme Moon

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