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4 min readJul 17, 2022

The recent Knuck If You Buck Supermoon in Capricorn may have riled up responsibility woes, but that’s only a scratch compared to Saturn Retrograde.

The traditional, ambitious, hardworking Capricorn is the Dad of the Zodiac and 2022’s July Buck Moon may have felt stern in its “check yourself before you wreck yourself” vigor. Capricorn’s strong associations of career, finances, management and motivation tends to wrought issues around goals, consumption, addiction and the plethora of time-wasters. Maternal Cancer Sun in polarity with the Cap Full Moon emits strong parental energy, possibly triggering anti-authoritarian teen bean resentment. When in reality, how we “parent” ourselves is always a needed “check-in”, especially midyear.

Capricorn mirrors our ability to strategize and pushes us to move forward while Cancer teaches us how to emotionally handle situations and illuminates how we serve the collective. The buck sheds his antlers to a reveal full growth in his cycle, now mature. Whether offset by the internal Cancer or the external Capricorn, concepts of legacy and accomplishments gain focus, affecting the macro and the micro. It’s no surprise if exhaustion has hit since: feeling tired and old post-Supermoon is to be expected. This past lunar anomaly will reveal its effects over the next few months, helping us grow, whether we want to or not. How’s that for a Full Moon release?

However, with the recent Full Moon conjunct Pluto (additionally in the Capricorn chair since 2008), the Planet of the Underworld heightens Cap Supermoon’s advanced themes of deconstruction, resurrection, evolution, and power. It’s a double whammy of heaviness, as Pluto is known to “represent endings and new beginnings, as well as spiritual growth and rebirth. Negative expression of Pluto is an obsessive desire for power and control and general destructiveness.” The chilling “coincidences” aligning with the US Pluto Return have been nothing short of chaotic. The rising BA.5 wave we will reassess whether or not we have learned our lessons. During the extended tension of economic emergency and the passionate protests against militant Christo-Fascist politics in the U.S., the past 6 years, from the Trump administration into the pandemic (which is not over), have shown that trauma and grief are literally unavoidable.

For those who follow Vedic astrology, the Moon was considered to be paired with another intense Cap transit, by its ruling planet, best quoted by Illest Divinity: “Saturn is retrograding back into Capricorn & will stay there until Jan 17, 2023. The pandemic began when Saturn entered Capricorn in early 2020. The economy took a downward turn too. Saturn isn’t done here which is why it’s moving back.” However, for the lot of us who follow Western astrology transits, Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius from June 4th to October 22 is still just as significant. A great read via NYLON emphasizes the collective, making new rules and putting in the work for a structure that thrives instead of encourages hope and the planet itself to die.

For the past couple of years, we’ve walked through many doors, none of which have shut behind us.

It’s as if we’re in a Groundhog’s Day and Saturn Retrograde is here to speed up the karma. But this works far deeper than big issues of injustice; it’s also reflective of small scale structures of care. As the latest variant of COVID-19 restarts a cycle of needed caution, throwing the comfortable recent guidelines to the wind, we can’t help but feel we are back at the beginning. We see the ways in which even “safety” has broadened to include our human whims. Americans decided that frequent outings were fine and the numbers have proven this to not be enough. The fault doesn’t fall simply on deniers: areas where mask mandates are respected still have very large amounts of infection rates. What is happening in small groups is just as important as those embarking in large outings.

Below are some prompts for those who journal, especially during the Waning phase in reflection of the Full Moon:

  • Who are the selves that no longer serve us?
  • What are the narratives that have kept us cut off to Joy?
  • Alternatively, what indulgences in Joy hurt or ignore the experiences of others?
  • What parts of our identities too often lead to self-sabotage or self-destruction?
  • What reactions are Ego and what interpretations are rooted in a lack of empathy?

As the Sun remains in Cancer for a few short days, Venus moved into the sign of the Crab, from July 17 to August 11, as Mercury in Cancer will sweeten our communications until entering Leo on July 19th.

All images in post by Hilma af Klint



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