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The Femme Moon
4 min readSep 25, 2022

The Libra New Moon ushers liberation from the lies we tell ourselves.

Libra is Queen Supreme with narratives and has a flair for the dramatic, either in extreme oversharing, gushing with details, or intense vigilance, holding it all in. Whereas the cliche tendency towards fickleness is based in some truth, within brews an intense adherence to pick a lane and stick to it. Unfortunately, heavily impassioned heartfelt gusto creates resistance to “letting go.” We tell ourselves that our stories are who were are. That just isn’t so.

That which truly does not serve us, especially regarding insecurities and negative self-talk, spring from a seed within a situation, often long ago, in our childhoods. Trauma has claws that dig deep; we build our lives around accommodating fear and reaction in its shadow. Toxic relationships overstay their welcome and become flippant love-hate attachments, a waste of our hearts and our energy. The shadow of this New Moon wants to look at these connections, not just with others but ourselves. How to shift in perspective about what happened in the past and how it plays out today and onward into our future. Sometimes the best balance with the powers that may be is the objective outlook, and this task takes some inner knowledge and review.

After all, Libra loves to Learn.

She measures information, considering it carefully or quickly, depending on the day. She takes a leaf from one book and presses it to her heart to create a tale that leads her through one room to the next. But the library is large and there are many different story lines that can empower her. I like to call-in my adventuresome inner child who seems to know best, despite the grown-up self who has been conditioned by the critiques of society, gender, success, and on. This is also a moment to call in our comforts and DO LESS. What is cozy? What is nurturing for you?

Libra’s entrance not only welcomed the Autumn Equinox, much to the delight of the pumpkin-spice obsessed cardigan creatures…

The Femme Moon

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