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The Femme Moon
4 min readSep 18, 2022

When Zeus secretly allowed the abduction of his daughter Persephone, snatched from a flower field and dragged to the depths of the Underworld, Earth-Mother Demeter scoured the lands in agony, leaving crops without needed nourishment, withering to famine. Realizing the err of this nefarious arrangement, Zeus demanded Persephone’s return, but the Dark Prince concocted a plot. Offering a pomegranate, the Early World fruit of fertility, Persephone savored 6 juicy blood red seeds despite her hunger-protest, and became bound as Hades’ consort for 6 months of every year. The remainder time, she rejoined her Mother in the lush fields, bright skies caressing her face once again.

Thus, the Legend of the Seasons were lored, the Equinoxes perfectly balanced before diving into cool or warm weather until the cycle begins again.

The Northern Hemisphere Autumn Equinox coincides closely with Libra’s start and Persephone’s back-and-forth between realms relates strongly to both the Seasons and the Scales. The Roman mythological Proserpina also shares the name of Libera and served as a “mother-daughter” symbol with agricultural goddess Ceres ( Liberalia, a fertility festival, nears Spring Equinox, similar to Ostara). Though Libra is most strongly connected to Lady Justice, Persephone’s tale goes beyond Spring/Summer vs. Autumn/Winter duality; she’s a victim of injustice who plotted carefully to pull power back into her fate from Princess to Queen. Libra’s modality even rings with warrior princess energy:

“Cardinal signs initiate new beginnings and turn the wheel of the seasons. Cardinal Libra uses her intellect to move with precision, like a sword cutting the air.”

For centuries, Persephone’s plight has been presented thru differing interpretations of the ancient etiological myth. An attraction to a dark side or simply embracing the breadth of her sexuality are frequent themes in adult storytelling. Insinuating that the marriage contract meant a woman must leave part of…

The Femme Moon

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