Lady Lioness, Lit From Within

The Femme Moon
4 min readJul 22, 2022

Leo Season has arrived, bringing a burst of bright, bold energy much appreciated after Cancer’s watery reign.

With Lughnasadh just around the corner, Leo’s Sun-ruled fixed fire personality compliments the merry-meet of the bonfire-blessed harvest, a midway between the Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox. July 28th’s New Moon in Leo ripens with potential intention setting for the season ahead. Renewal around what we love and enjoy and energy to stand up for justice are prime themes. Abundant with positive aspects, opportunities may arise, self-confidence may get a boost and projects are prime for tending to. The same day, Jupiter will turn retrograde until November 23rd. Retrogrades are not uncommon for the King planet’s massive orbit; luckily, when this ruler of Abundance and Luck goes Rx, we are granted a rich window for inner growth to shine through.

However, with limiting Saturn Rx in Aquarius and wounded healer Chiron Rx in Aries, not to mention Pluto Rx and Neptune Rx, if we ignore the aforementioned gifts of Leo and Jupiter, we may spend the rest of August more dazed and confused than soaking up the rays of the remaining sun-filled days. Being objective about situations balanced by letting yourself acknowledge uncomfortable growth, especially around being perceived, is no easy feat but in the long term rewarding. As long as we aren’t attaching ourselves to negative self-talk (that ends up just as self-indulgent as self-obsession), we can learn, grow, and be in this world without holding ourselves back from the glow up. Don’t stand in your own way, honey!

After all, Leo’s bravery and boldness can also be met with a Big Ego. As Chani says best, Leo has a notorious negative side that’s sometimes lent to a bad reputation: “Obsessed with being seen, acknowledged and appreciated, Leo can appear as an obnoxious, needy, dangerous disaster. Leo gone wrong demands our gaze, derails dinner parties with its tantrums and shuts out everyone else from the spotlight.” When focused on healing and justice, Leo is quite the Leader and always has the gusto to right wrongs. Aspects of activism and…

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