Fire, Walk With Me

Today’s Aries Full Moon brings passion and/or volatility to the forefront, depending on which way your scale tips.

Ruled by Mars, Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, considered to be rather fierce and feisty as a persona. In positive tomes, Aries is confident and actionable. In detriment, Aries usually brings up one agreed upon theme: Anger.

At times, Anger is doomed to live in a realm of resentment, or is a facade carrying a perpetual pursuit of protection, or crystallized can harbor wisdom that resonates with compassion, even when unwilling to compromise boundaries. During the Harvest festivities, discussions about Aries energies as it relates to Mars, Fire, War, sees itself in the face of the Blood Moon. Appropriately, chaos of lust and lament in the crisp of Autumn, Aries’ color is Red, and the shade itself is a subject of interpretation in art, psychology and even marketing due to its powerful potency.

A favorite use of this color in pop culture is The Red Room in Twin Peaks. The topic of many analyses, as it should be, in the most simplistic form, the concentrated symbolism that strikes most is its color.

“It’s always important to note an overabundance of a certain color in a dream. Red is the color of anger, inner passion and, yes, blood. But adding the red curtains to the mix further defines its dream meaning. The curtains don’t only hide views of the outside to those inside. More importantly, they prevent others from seeing in. If, as stated above, the room represents Cooper’s inner self and the red represents his anger or passion, a red room with curtains symbolizes his inner anger and/or passion that he doesn’t want others to see.”

From The Wrap by Rosemary Rossi

Spoiler alert onward for those who have not seen the series.

David Lynch’s fervor for duality, Good and Evil magnified in The Return between the Coopers, was integrated complexly through Bob and his “possessions” in the original Twin Peaks series. Abuse by men in Leland’s bloodline particularly, Leland’s experiences with sexual assault and incest in his childhood is implied to have led to his own horrors against his daughter, ultimately leading to her death, and his own. How Bob takes a “host” through these familial entities is debatable, but if any one message is clear it is about that of cyclical abuse.

The Anger that stems from interpersonal abuse, especially in family ties or early romantic relationships, can temporarily define us, as they do Laura. For as overdramatic and at times pretentious that Lynch’s TV work has been, one of the key reasons we are drawn to Laura’s story is because she, as a victim, was in a place of coping with secrets, addiction, self-abuse, sometimes cruelty to others, crying for help, laughing it off the next day, until her ultimate death. And the masculine victim is represented, too, a heavy underlying theme that creates a long-term chain of behavior. Sometimes those who have been abused become abusers.

As a collective, we have acutely felt the ways in which our private relationships with abuse and narcissism have been triggered daily through the news FOR YEARS NOW. We are currently walking “in the Darkness of the Future-Past”, unsure of where history may repeat, unable to take a breather from the perpetuating suffering brought forth in our everyday sphere. There has been an acute rise in violence since the pandemic began as livelihoods and activities of release were put on lock down.

Victimization as an identity is difficult, and though we are never to blame for what abuse we have experienced, we are responsible for our Healing. Without denying the reality of trauma, this recent Mercury Retrograde particularly brought to light the ways in which resentment can be like swallowing a pill and hoping for the other person to die. In grave timing, we gather wood to build a scathing bright fire to burn through our self-doubt and free us (as much as possible) from the struggles we have cycled through, without delusion or denial, moving forward to create a better path, knowing we deserve love and healing. This is no easy task at this time. Advocating for more mental health resources as opposed to punishment is vital in this path.

Sometimes, reactionary behavior speaks more heavily of what we suffer from the past, or how we form judgment as protection, than it does about the party at blame. Primal projections informed by insecurity deserve a chance to learn to be deconstructed, harsh truths met with accountability. As a time of pause rather than planning, learning to be soft is just as strong as the perceived picture of destruction and death that fire can bring. Dealing with the Demons inside of us is a battle of the heart. So we do not become what has hurt us in the Past, eaten alive with Anger, we must wade through the negative self-beliefs that only serve to sever us from the Joy of true human understanding.



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The Femme Moon

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