Cooling Off, Cancer SZN Style

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4 min readJul 6, 2022


To our Northern Hemisphere Moonies, past the point of Summer Solstice, we’re looking at a couple of months of Cosmic Chaos and Hellish Heat ahead.

Though the Sun is my namesake, the overt warmth and brightness beckons a sort of Summer hibernation. Dragging up memories of an energy-zapped, boring, school-free season from the depths of childhood, I’d rather be indoors than soaking up the rays. Perhaps it’s landlocked swamp ass humidity, but it’s more an unease, lamenting disrupted productivity, my brain hard-wired to RESIST rest. Collectively, we’ve been unpacking guilt, and even resentment, when faced with fatigue and illness. Attempting to deprogram our resistance to rest is an ongoing struggle yet a worthy conversation. Even when attempting to embrace rest, the heat brings only the Mean Reds (mentioned last Museletter). My anxiety runs high. And how could it not? Perhaps living in the United States causes nervous system dysregulation on a daily basis.

For those in the U.S., the Cancer New Moon on Tuesday June 28th may have been one of mourning instead of manifestation. The destructive recent decisions of SCOTUS reversing freedom of choice over our bodies, disregarding regulation of pollutants, intense disrespect towards indigenous protections (to name a few) have shook communities across the country. Dark forces are at work in these scorching months, underlying “apocalyptic anxiety” following suite. The state of EVERYTHING — bi-coastal heat waves, forest fires, the exposure of fascist-Christianity’s genocide, continued threat of almost daily mass shootings, tropical storms that soon will gather in strength — it is wild to be alive and a spiritually/seasonally attuned person to a World on fire.

Environmentally, on every level, humanity is facing the detriment of destruction. And yet a good percent of the masses attempt to live as they always have, despite the virus, the climate and the needs of communities. Aiming for unnecessary riches and wealth, akin to the evils of billionaires whose industries ravage the future of this planet, is part a possession of some magickal-minded who want to manifest fame and fortune. Humans are heavily programmed towards capitalism, the narratives they have lived before, and the individualism that often works against the greater good. And yet, the Earth is our Home, a sanctuary treated like trash.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This cardinal Water sign unsurprisingly rules the Womb and is connected the the 4th House of Home and Family.

We are midway through Cancer Season and the main associations of this Sign are brutally under attack. Cancer is classically typed as a cauldron of emotion, but with Mercury’s recent move into Cancer, we are further empowered, especially post-New Moon, to embrace the sensitivity and community care of the Crab. The ability to deeply feel is not “weakness”. There is power in radical kindness, accountability with empathy, encouragement without enabling, exploration of our root issues and vices without judgement. Overload of emotion can be heavy but within the overwhelm are strands of needs and dreams that inform us. Rejection of emotion is often what creates toxic behavior. Those in tune with their emotions have the opportunity for higher self-unification, peeling layers to reveal sources and in turn creating resources. Processing and understanding emotion leads to overall empowerment and healthy solutions. We need to connect, network and build caverns of hope and help more than ever.

“If you don’t accept that bodily autonomy is an essential unconditional liberty, it’s a waste of time talking to you at all. No other liberties survive without that one, more fundamental than property rights: if you don’t own yourself absolutely, you own nothing.”

Pete Alex Harris

Today’s 1st Quarter Moon is a powerful reminder to pause and reset once again. As the Moon sits in Libra, the symbol of balance, we look towards the ways in which we must rest to resist. We look at our skills and what we can bring to the table. We make space for ourselves and each other. We look to ways in which we can find justice in an oppressive and incredibly scary time. We open pathways to other options that lean less on the institutions that are not protecting us. Be Aware, Take Care. Our Friend of Femme, the Cancer-Sun Krystal Visions, posted a great “energy flow” reading related to the need of steady and slow focus, in predication for the month of July, well-worth the watch:

Main image By Sheila Isham, “Kuan II: Wind with Earth”, 1972.



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