Adventure Awaits, but You’re Okay to Wait

The Femme Moon
3 min readJun 14, 2022

Summertime sweetness, with its abundance of warmth and sunshine, can easily flip its script into Summertime sadness… or something much more anxiety-inducing altogether.

The world in which we live is conducive to constant panic, trailing behind us, hot on our heels, questioning our fate, tracking our every move. Summer has always felt ripe for harvesting heightened worry: the humidity, electric skies, hurricanes, heat waves. The dizzying climate combined with inflation and hatred conjures what I can only refer to as “the Mean Reds”, a phrase from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“The Blues are because it’s been raining too long. You’re sad, that’s all. The Mean Reds are horrible. You’re afraid, and you sweat like hell, but you don’t know what you’re afraid of, except something bad is going to happen, only you don’t know what it is.”

Holly Golightly

Supermoons have a tendency to boil into miniature meltdowns and the fire energy of the June 2022 Sagittarius Supermoon is a potential hotbed for upsets and outbursts. The ache of self-doubt, stagnation, sleep disturbance and physical discomfort seem to be common complaints for many. Attempting to observe rather than react, the tense build-up has the power to reveal such needed revelations that the Sagittarius Strawberry Supermoon may as well be a formal engagement.

Bowing with a tip of the top hat, after days of bundled nerves or blank stares, we are presented processing, and perhaps a shiny door to something new altogether. That path may be a much needed change, a step forward from stagnation. It may be a stronger connection to a creative pursuit that requires a leap of faith to come into fruition. And yet it is all too easy to pause sternly, no matter how genteel the stance, posturing as patience whilst secretly spying for a sign of safety, security, stability. Sometimes the unwillingness to change is the real danger, though fear is understandable when face-to-face with new possibilities. However, adventure awaits!

This is not an urge to stop or go, but to EXPLORE. In honesty, in heart, in earnest. Isn’t it funny how difficult it can be to have the bravery to admit very obvious things… the things that pain us in our moments of truth, knowing what we do not need, what we can not carry with us and also conversely, what an abundance of blessings we have? The complication of self-awareness, matched with quiet understanding instead of haste can be bittersweet.

We recently visited The Aura Weaver in the lead-up to the Strawberry Supermoon. Soon after our one-year marriage anniversary and in the prime of Pride month, the aura photography session was a special moment for us as a couple. Not only was it a special moment for a unique photograph together, the card pull and aura analysis provided generous spiritual insight we weren’t expecting from the session. Two Aquarians with Earth moons bathed in root-chakra red energy with violet orbs of a spiritual calling, we learned a great deal from Judah about the connection between manifestor energy, the movement of doing versus the peacefulness of processing and other thought-provoking ideas. The Aura Weaver will be providing sessions this upcoming June Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th at one of our most beloved metaphysical book and gift stores, Phoenix and the Dragon. Book here.



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